Cressi Geronimo Speargun 105cm Review

cressi-geronimoThe Cressi Geronimo Elite speargun is a 105cm gun and a great speargun to use whether you are fishing off a charter boat or along the coast. This article explains how the Cressi Geronimo is the perfect gun to use on your fishing trips, and you will help you decide if you would like to take the Cressi Geronimo on your next trip. If you’re looking to get a little more serious about spearfishing, the Cressi Geronimo may very well be your gun since it’s a little bit on the longer side of spearguns and has a lot of room for upgrades.

Why Choose The 105cm Version?

The 105cm version of the Cressi Geronimo Elite is an amazing device that is on the larger and coming in at 105cm and has amazing accuracy with a range around 13ft. Whether you are jumping out of a charter boat or fishing near the coast, the 105cm version gives you a lot of versatility . Even of the size, the gun is easy to handle when you are swimming or aiming, and it is easy to wear across your body when it is not in use. This speargun can be easily upgraded with new shafts and bands, allowing you to easily catch larger fish with more power and distance.



A very versatile speargun and adjustable handle

Versatile and Perfect for Anyone

The Cressi Geronimo comes with an adjustable grip that allows you to get a hold of the weapon comfortably, whether you are left handed or right handed. So for spear fishers looking for a left handed speargun, this is a great option. Cressi offers an extremely professional design overall and takes a special notice on the release and catch line, making fishing extremely efficient. The newer model features a newer muzzle that is extremely hydrodynamic and compact making the gun more versatile than before.

Quality Equipment at a Reasonable Price

61uAJYMLrjL._SL1446_The Cressi Geronimo is the perfect gun to take on your next trip as it’s an extremely versatile speargun and can be used in many different situations. While not the cheapest gun on the market, the Geronimo Elite is the perfect gun for someone who wants to upgrade to something with a little more power than a smaller gun can offer. Cressi has created the perfect gun for anyone who dives recreationally. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper or smaller, we highly recommend taking a look at the Cressi Apache, a very similar gun with a smaller price tag and much better for someone just getting into spearfishing.









In closing, the Cressi Geronimo is an easy to use speargun, and it provides you with a perfect weapon for spearfishing in a variety of conditions, and it’s obvious why this is one of the top spearguns available.